Sizzling sex toys games for couples

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Using sex toys in the bedroom is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. But using them again and again in the same way might leave you wanting after a while. To mix things up a bit, try out a few of these exciting sex toys games ideas.

sexWe guarantee they will open up a whole new world of pleasure for you and your partner!


‘Have you ever…’ vibrator game

This is a great one for new couples to get to know each other a little better.

If you’ve ever heard of the ‘Have you ever…’ drinking game, you will already understand the basic rules. In the drinking game, you get to ask your partner a question to which they have to answer yes or no. For example, you might ask, “Have you ever had sex in a public place?” If they answer yes – they have to drink. If they answer no – you have to drink.

This version of the game is a little kinkier. Here’s an example of how it’s played:

  1. You are both armed with a vibrator of your choice.
  2. Your partner asks you (for example) “Have ever been with someone of the opposite sex?”
  3. If you answer “Yes”, your partner then gets to apply the vibrator to wherever they wants, for up to 5 seconds
  4. If you answer “No”, you get to use the vibrator on them for up to 5 seconds

Whoever answers the most number of questions with ‘Yes’ (or alternatively – reaches orgasm first!) loses the game. The winner then gets to have a sexual favour of their choice performed on them.


Sex toy orgasm race

Usually masturbation is something you do by yourself, but doing it in front of someone else can be incredibly exciting and expose a side of your partner you haven’t seen before.

The rules of this game forbid you from touching each other. This dramatically increases the sexual tension between you and your partner and often helps you reach orgasm quicker!

Basically, you will both need a sex toy of your choice. We suggest a vibrator for her and a masturbator for him.

The aim of the game is to be the first to reach orgasm using the sex toy on yourself. Using a sex toy to reach orgasm while watching the other person climax at the same time is a thrilling experience, and heightens intimacy between couples.

The first one to reach orgasm gets to request a sexy treat for next round.


Sex toy lucky dip

This game is ideal as foreplay to heat up the temperature a little. It is also great for discovering brand new ways to pleasure your partner and yourself.

First of all, write down different body parts on a bit of paper and put the bits of paper into a lucky dip bag. Don’t limit yourself here – there are many erogenous zones beyond the obvious ones. To get you going, click on the following links for some ideas on men’s erogenous zones and women’s erogenous zones.

Find a second bag and place as many sex toys in there as possible. Also include some other items from around the house that may come in handy. For example – a feather, a silk scarf, a beaded necklace, whipped cream…etc.

Taking it in turns, you and your partner will choose a piece of paper from the first bag – then a sex toy from the second bag. You then have to use that item on the body part you have chosen. Use your imagination and apply with varying pressure for mind-blowing results!


If you have any suggestions for more sex toys games – we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below with your ideas and experiences.

And remember boys and girls – it’s always more fun to share your toys!


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