Kokos Real Hip Hera


Flesh Doggy-Style Masturbator

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”Hera Hip – REAL” a clean and neat design small-hip masturbator

The plump and realistic lips of pudendum remind camel claws.

It features complemented quality that was not possible from the any other small hips.

The clean exterior never gets old and presents continued softness without repulsion.

VAGINA The large libs of vagina design is beautiful and realistic.

The comb crease of vagina brings you strong tightening and feelings of real insertion.

The design offers greater satisfaction from deep inside with thick G-Spot.

Deep crease line in row to enable deeper insertion.

ANAL The strong tightening from the insertion gives compression and adsorption sensation effectively to your penis.

The most effective and commonly used male masturbators for anal among internal stimulus structures, coupled with the V-shape groove and multi-compression.

Size: 26 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm


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