Massive Triple Threat


Flesh 3 Cock Dildo

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Three times as thick, three times as hot, three times pleasure!

If one fat thing isn’t enough for you, you will get more than just your money’s worth with the crazy Icon Brands Massive Triple Threat 3 Cock Dildo with Suction Cup!

The Massive Triple Threat is ideal for extreme penetration.

This huge dildo is made in the USA and will delight all fans of fisting and extreme penetration.

The Massive Triple Threat Dildo reproduces no less than 3 big cocks, which are joined together to form a massive dildo, which guarantees you extreme sensations!

This 3 Cock Dildo impresses with an insertable length of 11 inches and an enormous girthy diameter of 3.4 inches!

This anal sex toy is therefore not recommended for beginners, but is only suitable for experienced users.

Its especially smooth PVC surface allows effortless inserting and as each cock head can be felt in detail, the whole structure of the Massive Triple Threat 3 Cock Dildo with Suction Cup will stimulate you in a wonderful way.

So shove it up your back door and enjoy thrice, It is definitely worth a try!

When you’re done, just clean your new toy with warm water & soap and it’s ready for your next session.


  • Total length: about 12 inch
  • Insertable length: about 11 inch
  • Width: 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch, 4.375 inch(base)
  • Material: phthalate-free PVC


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