Master Series Muzzled


Black Universal BDSM Hood with Removeable Muzzle

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Customise a unique BDSM experience for every mood!

Feel like depriving your slave of their senses?

Lace them tight into this hood and they will have trouble hearing through the ear padding on the sides.

Snap the blindfold accessory into place and stuff their mouth with the padded mouth gag.

It will comfortably fill their mouth and keep them quiet.

Your every touch, spank, and tickle will be a surprise when they cannot see or hear you!

Maybe you are in the mood for some puppy play!

Turn your partner into your pet by snapping on the dog ears and zipper-mouthed muzzle.

You can even keep the gag in if you do not feel like listening to your canine bark and beg!

An adjustable collar with a locking buckle allows you to keep your plaything confined until you are done having your way with them.

The D-ring collar is perfect for leash play or attaching other BDSM accessories.


One size fits most.

Gag is 6.4 cm insertable, 5 cm in diameter.

Collar adjusts from 35 cm to 48 cm in circumference.

Material: PU leather, metal.

Colour: Black.

Note: Lock not included.


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