Naughty Mints


Mints – Bag of 25

Comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings

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Naughty Mints – Our Naughty Mints are packaged with 25 mini-packs of peppermints; each mini-pack contains three mints.

Each wrapper has a Naughty message with up to 10 different messages, including; Eat Me!, Cute Butt!, Let’s Screw!, Nice Boobs!, Be My Love Slave!

These phrases are PG13, not as naughty as our X-rated mints.

These suggestive mints are perfect for party favours, pinatas, or as playful treats for your lover.

Little Genie made by Little Genie.

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Feel free to order, this product comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings.


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