Perth Steam Works

Perth Steam Works


This venue was created as a safe haven for men who have consensual sex with men.

This remains its primary objective.

Please be considerate of the history and role of the venue and the people for whom its history and role are still important.

All sexual interactions are to be negotiated consensual acts, with the terms of engagement defined and agreed by the participants.

Please be mindful of this in all your interactions.


  1. We reserve the right to deny anyone entry to the venue.
  2. By entering Perth Steam Works, you agree to be bound by these conditions.
  3. You must provide a form of identification that is acceptable to us, if asked, to prove your age. We are an 18+ venue. 
  4. You must show respect at all times to everyone at Perth Steam Works and to the venue itself.  We will do the same to you.  
  5. You must not harass anyone in the venue, or cause a staff member or another patron to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. If you are not sure about whether something is or could cause discomfort or unpleasantness to someone else, ask a staff member for assistance. We will be happy to help.
  6. “No” means no and stop doing it. If a staff member or patron asks you to stop doing something, you must stop immediately.  
  7. Indecent or offensive behaviour, failure to abide by these conditions, signs of intoxication, or acting in a quarrelsome, disorderly or violent manner, will not be tolerated.  Patrons considered to be behaving in such a manner will be directed to leave the venue immediately and may be banned from returning.  
  8. You accept that Perth Steam Works is a licensed venue.  It is subject to liquor licensing laws and regulations and policies of the Director of Liquor Licensing. You agree to comply with any direction we may give you in order to ensure compliance with liquor licensing requirements and obligations. You also agree to consume and otherwise use liquor responsibly and considerately when at the venue.
  9. You are not permitted to bring alcohol, other drinks, food or any illegal substances into the venue. Patrons found to be in possession of such items will be directed to leave the venue immediately and may be banned from returning.
  10. Use of any form of recording equipment including cameras, videos and audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited inside the venue and near the entry/exit of the venue.  
  11. You agree that you and your bags, clothing, locker and other possessions may be searched upon entry and whilst you are inside the venue.
  12. In the event that you are refused entry for any reason, or you are directed to leave, or are removed from the venue for any reason, no refund will be paid to you in respect of any entry fee that you may have paid or unfinished drinks or food that you may have purchased. 
  13. You accept that closed circuit television surveillance operates throughout the public areas of the venue including entry and exit points and inside the venue including the locker and spa areas, but excluding the toilets, showers, steam room, sauna,change room and any private rooms or play areas.
  14. Facial recognition technology is used at Perth Steam Works to ensure the security and safety of our patrons, staff and venue. This data is not used for any purpose other than security and safety. All data is deleted automatically after  30 days, or sooner if you request and we agree, however, you agree that if you are banned from the venue, your metadata and image will be stored for the purpose of maintaining the banned list for the period that you are banned. This data is not shared or stored online.
  15. You enter the venue, remain in the venue and interact with other patrons at your own risk. We will implement practices to minimise foreseeable risks where required and appropriate, which includes implementing these conditions.  However, you acknowledge that the nature of the Perth Steam Works operation is such that it contains inherent personal and private risks which may be both obvious and non-obvious. Such risks may include, but are not limited to, personal injury from the following, for example:15.1. being in areas of dim light, 15.2. being on and around wet and slippery surfaces, 15.3. being in areas that contain high levels of heat or are capable of causing burns (such as saunas, sauna rocks/heater, spa baths and showers), 15.4. physical contact with another person in the venue and 15.5. contracting an adverse health/medical condition from another person in the venue. You are required to take care of yourself and stay mindful of your own personal and private safety, health and wellbeing which we will not be responsible for. 
  16. You agree that Perth Steam Works is not liable for any injury, damage, theft, destruction, loss, demand, debt, expense, liability or cost of any kind caused or suffered by you or your property how so ever caused (including by negligence). You release and indemnify Peth Steam Works from any claims at any time. 

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