KinkLab The Thunderclap Paddle


KinkLab Thunderclap E-Stim Paddle Attachment

Comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings


KinkLab The Thunderclap Paddle – From the latest and greatest ElectroErotic™ gear at KinkLab™ comes our brand-spankin’-new Thunderclap paddle!

Don’t let the name fool you- this impact toy delivers mighty spankings and literally makes sparks fly! Create your own little mini thunder and lightning storm during your BDSM scene.

The Thunderclap MUST be used in conjunction with our KinkLab Power Tripper™ and Neon Wand™.

To use, simply plug in the Power Tripper™ into one of our wands (with the wand OFF at first), and place the metal part of the Power Tripper™ onto your body (e.g. inside your waistband).

Pick up the Thunderclap paddle, and turn the wand on. Now both you and the paddle are ready to tantalise and torment your partner for your mutual fulfillment.

Ideal for… electrosex, impact, spanking, sensation play, Neon Wand.

Product Details:
– Total length: 28 cm long
– Paddle width: 7 cm
– Handle width: approx. 3.8 cm
– Materials: Highly conductive silicone

KinkLab The Thunderclap Paddle, Stockroom made by Stockroom.

This product is of Black Colour.

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Feel free to order, this product comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings.


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