WhipSmart 8” Eyecatcher Packer


8” Eyecatcher Packer – Flesh

Comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings

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WhipSmart 8” Eyecatcher Packer – Fill up your trousers with this monster of the deep.

Our 8” Eyecatcher Soft Packer will make you the envy of the room with its realistic girth, lifelike texture, and extra long endowment.

– 8” Eyecatcher Packer
– Mesh Travel Bag

* Undergarment Not Included

– Weight: 230 grams
– Length: 20.3 cm
– Width:10.7 cm
– Height: 3.5 cm

WhipSmart 8” Eyecatcher Packer, WhipSmart made by WhipSmart.

This product is of Flesh Colour.

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Feel free to order, this product comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings.


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